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Welcome to Yexcel - The Excel Portal, a project of Raphael Hein's Da|ten|bank|Ma|nu|fak|tur. Here you will find links to (almost) all pages about Microsoft Excel.And if you know of a site that is not yet listed here, please let me know.
Have fun browsing, Raphael

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At the moment 399 links are listed in 38 categories.

Yexcel News:  New technology - old appearance (November 29, 2022)
After more than 20 years, a change of the technology behind the website was necessary. CGI and SSI are getting on in years and were switched off by my provider. So I made some webwork again and updated the technique to the current state.
And I have also cleaned up the content a bit. The next step will be to update the visuals, which will hopefully age as well as the current version.

New in Yexcel:  November 11, 2022
Makrodateien aus dem Internet zulassen       The new Microsoft macro protection makes life ...

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