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Training and further education for Microsoft Excel.    open in new window        
Portal for inhouse trainings and public courses.
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Online Excel Training    open in new window        
Self-promotion: "Since 2009, between our instructor led and online Excel courses, we have trained over 100,00 people in the UK & Ireland. From these years of experience , our team of trainers have created a practical Excel course designed for you to succeed in your job. Available for individuals and companies , our online excel course concentrates on the essential Excel concepts, techniques, functions & formulas that are needed to succeed in the real world office environment."
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The Seminarportal provides links to offerers of trainings and seminars et al. for Microsoft Access and Excel. The offers for Austria can be found at, for Switzerland at
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Diese Kategorie im deutschsprachigen Yexcel - Das Excel-Portal:  Training/Weiterbildung

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