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Tools to support you developing with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or to extend the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).

acCompare - Differenzen im VBA-Code ermitteln    open in new window            free
This tool compares the forms, reports, modules or classes of two Access, Excel or Word files to examine the differences in code. You need an additional compare tool of your choice like WinDiff, WinMerge or ExamDiff.
[ Affiliated: December 17, 2015 ]

Code Documentor    open in new window            Freeware
The Excel Code Documentor automatically documents the vital statistics of your VBA project. E.g. a complete procedure listing for all modules in an outlined worksheet or the total lines of code in the project and per VBComponent.
[ Affiliated: July 16, 2006 ]

MZ Tools    open in new window          
MZ-Tools is an add-in that extends the Visual Basic (6.0, 5.0 or VBA) or Visual Studio .NET (2002 and 2003) IDEs with new menus, toolbars, etc. to provide a number of features for faster coding, designing and documenting.
[ Affiliated: January 12, 2003 ]

VBA Code Cleaner    open in new window            Freeware
During the process of creating VBA programs a lot of junk code builds up in your files. If you don't clean your files periodically you will begin to experience strange problems caused by this extra baggage. Cleaning a project involves exporting the contents of all its VBComponents to text files, deleting the components and then importing the components back from the text files.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2006 ]

VBAHTML    open in new window            free
This free Excel add-in transforms VBA code into HTML and highlights key words, numbers, strings and comments to show your code well arranged. It has many options which can be saved.
[ Affiliated: January 27, 2008 ]

vbeTwister    open in new window          commercial
vbeTwister is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Basic (for Application) IDE. It adds workspace management, tabs, realtime search, navigation bar, map bar, auto indention, syntax highlightning, snippets, more than 300 commands.
[ Affiliated: October 31, 2017 ]

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