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Compare und/or adjust your data with this tools for Microsoft Excel.

Advanced Consolidation Manager    open in new window            commercial (demo available)
Advanced Consolidation Manager is designed for merging tables and consolidating Microsoft Excel data. In comparison to a standard data consolidation in Microsoft Excel, Advanced Consolidation Manager will allow you to process any number of files per one program run as well as to combine data from different files in one.
[ Affiliated: May 20, 2007  |  Feedback for this link ]

Compare Excel Files    open in new window            commercial
This add-in takes two spreadsheets and creates a third sheet displaying any differences between them.
[ Affiliated: February 28, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

Compare Spreadsheets    open in new window            commercial (demo available)
Compare Spreadsheets for Excel is a powerful and convenient tool for comparison of files in Microsoft Excel.
[ Affiliated: June 15, 2007  |  Feedback for this link ]

DataRefiner Add-in    open in new window            Freeware
This add-in make it easy for a user to validate, clean and extend their data without “touching” their existing data by inserting difficult formulas into their data tables.
[ Affiliated: August 13, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

Remove Duplicates    open in new window            commercial (demo available)
Remove Duplicates from Excel is designed for searching and processing duplicated cells in Microsoft Excel tables. Program key functions: two search modes: across rows or columns, search across an entire table or a specified range of cells, search of duplicates in all or specified rows or columns, an opportunity to choose a type of comparison: by values or formulas.
[ Affiliated: September 09, 2007  |  Feedback for this link ]

Similar Data Finder    open in new window            commercial (demo available)
Similar Data Finder for Excel will help you to find cells with similar values in Microsoft Excel worksheets. The program enables you to quickly find mistakes made while entering cell values, easily correct the mistakes, find and mark cells which seem to be incorrect and remove the cells with identical values.
[ Affiliated: March 30, 2008  |  Feedback for this link ]

Vergleichen    open in new window            free
This tools compares two sheet areas and log the difference in another sheet.
[ Affiliated: August 19, 2007  |  Feedback for this link ]

xl-dataCleaner    open in new window              
The data scrubbing tool xl-dataCleaner for Microsoft Excel automates some of your daily data cleaning problems.
[ Affiliated: March 18, 2007  |  Feedback for this link ]

Diese Kategorie im deutschsprachigen Yexcel - Das Excel-Portal:  Vergleichen / Bereinigen

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