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Aktuelle Excel-Tipps    open in new window          
At regular intervals updated tips and hints for Microsoft Excel handling, formula and VBA.
[ Affiliated: December 02, 2007 ]

Alan's Exel Goodies    open in new window              
Alan R. Baraschs site provides programming with Excel VBA, formulas and custom functions using Excel and helpful links.
[ Affiliated: February 15, 2002 ]

Andrew's Excel Tips    open in new window        
"Making Excel do the work for you" is the motto and goal of the MVP Andrew Engwirdas site. He offers helpful add-ins, tools and tips to simplify your work with Excel.
[ Affiliated: September 07, 2018 ]

Application Professionals Tips and Tricks    open in new window            
A number of examples are in a real world applications, e.g. encrypt and decrypt data in your application.
[ Affiliated: April 02, 2006 ]

Beyond Technology    open in new window          
Spreadsheet Power-User Tips, Getting to Know VBA and Geeks only Advanced XL/VBA by Beyond Technology.
[ Affiliated: July 02, 2006 ]

Contextures' Excel Tips and Techniques    open in new window            
Many tips, sample spreadsheets and links.
[ Affiliated: June 12, 2005 ]

David McRitchie's Excel Pages    open in new window            
Examples and tips by MVP David McRitchie.
[ Affiliated: February 12, 2006 ]

Die Excel Wühlkiste    open in new window        
The Excel "Wühlkiste" (does anybody know an english word for that) shows you lots of Excel samples, from basics to complex VBA programms.
[ Affiliated: June 02, 2011 ]

Die Tippfarm    open in new window          
The Tippfarm is the actual conclusion of many years of training, consulting and development by the Austrian based company FAST & EASY.
[ Affiliated: June 14, 2013 ]

Excel - Treff    open in new window              
MaRo´s Excel - Treff is made for beginners, advanced users are welcome too.
[ Affiliated: August 21, 2005 ]

Excel im Unternehmen    open in new window            
Excel portal for business users. Big online pool of more than 550 Excel tools (partly with costs).
[ Affiliated: July 22, 2007 ]

Excelei    open in new window            
You will find scripts, samples, and downloads (they call them Excel eggs ;-) on this growing site.
[ Affiliated: October 23, 2005 ]    open in new window            
URL: provides lots of tips, hints, coding samples and book suggestions.
[ Affiliated: May 16, 2005 ]    open in new window                
URL: features Excel help, templates, tips forum and chat.
[ Affiliated: September 18, 2005 ]

Exceltricks    open in new window        
Tips, hints and work techniques in Microsoft Excel.
[ Affiliated: September 30, 2015 ]    open in new window          
Free Microsoft Excel tips, e.g. for conditional formatting or pivot tables.
[ Affiliated: July 16, 2006 ]

Fast & Easy Excel Tippfarm    open in new window        
The Excel Tippfarm holds lots of useful tips to ease your work with Microsoft Excel.
[ Affiliated: December 17, 2015 ]    open in new window        
Extensive collection of links, tips and work techniques on Microsoft Excel.
[ Affiliated: September 21, 2012 ]

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