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CHIP online: Perfekte Office-Vorlagen    open in new window          
Excel samples for secretarial work and sample letters provided by the German CHIP magazine.
[ Affiliated: May 01, 2005  |  Feedback for this link ]

Dienstpläne / Personalplanung    open in new window            free
The German "Dienstplan-Garage" (service schedule garage) is a free and independent project to find technical solutions to schedule your staff. The service schedule and time management systems are free.
[ Affiliated: November 14, 2010  |  Feedback for this link ]

DocTemplate    open in new window          
German blog on Microsoft Office Templates that also provides tips, samples and downloads.
[ Affiliated: January 03, 2010  |  Feedback for this link ]

Excel Vorlagen    open in new window            free
Philipp Kuhlmann has already provided more than 130 Excel templates on his site free of charge since 2013. Fields of application are private as well as professional. Benefits from readily designed and functional Excel templates - simply open them, enter data, done.
[ Affiliated: December 06, 2020  |  Feedback for this link ]    open in new window          
Free Excel templates for private use, e.g. for tracking blood pressure or managing sport ligue tables.
[ Affiliated: October 23, 2005  |  Feedback for this link ] Formel- & Makro-Datenbank    open in new window          
Many sample files, clearly arranged by sections.
[ Affiliated: November 20, 2005  |  Feedback for this link ]

Feiertage mit Bundesländern    open in new window          
Sample file containing all German bank holidays.
[ Affiliated: April 23, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

Free Excel Templates    open in new window            
Here you will find a list of the Microsoft Excel ® templates (both free and not-quite-free) available from Vertex42, along with the pages they created specifically to help guide you to where you can find other free Excel templates.
[ Affiliated: February 27, 2005  |  Feedback for this link ]

Hanseatic Business School    open in new window        
In addition to Excel tips, eBooks and articles, there are many (partly free) templates in the Excel box.
[ Affiliated: October 31, 2017  |  Feedback for this link ]

Spreadsheet Templates    open in new window        
They say "We are a market place for your Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet template solutions. We provide ready built spreadsheet template that make running your business and personal life easy and fun."
[ Affiliated: January 28, 2013  |  Feedback for this link ]

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