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Miscellaneous samples for single functions or problems.

Excel-Dateien und VBA für Excel    open in new window          
On this site of Alfons Seeberger you will find some Excel files and macros for download.
[ Affiliated: March 09, 2008 ]    open in new window            
In the 'Stöberkiste' (engl. repertory) you find lots of code used in sample files.
[ Affiliated: September 30, 2007 ]

Hajo's Excelseiten    open in new window            
On Hajo's Excel site you can find lots of samples with and without VBA and special Excel 2007 samples too.
[ Affiliated: March 30, 2008 ]

Manes' Excel-Seite    open in new window          
A selection of samples of Germans Spotlight-Forums member 'Manes'.
[ Affiliated: August 11, 2008 ]

Paulchens Excel-Werkstatt    open in new window            
VBA samples and add-ins, downloads, templates, tips and hints for Excel and VBA.
[ Affiliated: February 17, 2008 ]

ProgressBar    open in new window          
Some samples for the using of ProgressBars in Microsoft Excel macros.
[ Affiliated: February 04, 2007 ]

Projektplan    open in new window          
This sample file shows, how to plan projects with Microsoft Excel and display them as diagram.
[ Affiliated: March 18, 2007 ]

Querying External Data in Excel    open in new window            
Excel provides the ability to bring data that is "external" to the current workbook into your workbook. The examples shown on this page demonstrate how to include data stored in an Access database into a workbook and manipulate that data in various ways.
[ Affiliated: November 16, 2008 ]

Russi XL    open in new window            
Russi colocated more than 200 Excel tips and samples on his site.
[ Affiliated: March 04, 2007 ]

Serienmail mit EXCEL    open in new window          
How to sent a serial mail from Microsoft Excel.
[ Affiliated: December 17, 2006 ]

The Excel MVP Page    open in new window            
This page is intended to become a file library where the Microsoft Excel MVPs can place example files and utilities.
[ Affiliated: November 16, 2008 ]

The SEOs Guide To Excel    open in new window          
An indepth guide to using microsoft excel for SEO tasks. This includes modifying large lists of urls and other data related functions.
[ Affiliated: April 21, 2016 ]

Write your own Twitter client using Microsoft Excel    open in new window            
This example shows how to built an excel sheet which you can post messages to your twitter account by using twitter api, which is relatively simple.
[ Affiliated: March 08, 2009 ]

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