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Microsoft Excel tools and add-ins around email and internet.

Google Search Add-in    open in new window            Freeware
Search directly from within Excel, Word and PowerPoint the newsgroups, Websites and Knowledge Base.
[ Affiliated: July 30, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

HTML-Datei mit Inhalt der aktuellen Tabelle    open in new window            
This procedure generates a valid HTML file from the current active worksheet. It takes text format and alignment, background color, column width and hyperlinks.
[ Affiliated: August 11, 2008  |  Feedback for this link ]

SendMail Add-ins    open in new window            Freeware
SendMail puts emailing of Excel sheets, data, and workbooks where you want it and when you want it. It also allows significant customizing of what you send. As soon as you have the workbook open in Excel you have the ability to send all or part of it either in working format or with just the values that are shown by current data and formulas by clicking on SendMail in the Tools menu.
[ Affiliated: August 13, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

VBA-Code zur Darstellung in Browsern aufbereiten    open in new window          free
With the tool "VBAHTML" you can prepare VBA code to display in Internet browsers and Word/Outlook. With the Word function you can edit VBA code so that it can be inserted into Word documents. A special phpBB function has been integrated for forums that do not allow HTML. VBA code is displayed in color in all functions.
[ Affiliated: July 03, 2018  |  Feedback for this link ]

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