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Alan's Excel Goodies    open in new window          
VBA code examples, formula and custom function examples by Alan.
[ Affiliated: January 29, 2006 ]

Array Functions    open in new window          
The file "Array Functions" contains 27 Function Procedures and 2 Sub Procedures for manipulating arrays (and worksheet ranges).
[ Affiliated: October 22, 2006 ]

Decision Models - The Excel Calculation Site    open in new window            
All you need to know about the calculation mechanisms of Microsoft Excel and how to use them to optimise speed.
[ Affiliated: January 13, 2008 ]

Diverse nützliche Excel-Funktionen    open in new window          
The title of this site "Miscellaneous Useful Excel Functions" perfectly describes its content.
[ Affiliated: November 12, 2006 ]

EDC Worksheet Functions    open in new window          
In the menu on the left you find subpages containing Worksheet Functions, e.g. for adding, counting or lookup.
[ Affiliated: February 04, 2007 ]    open in new window              
Many tips and macros for Excel beginners or advanced.
[ Affiliated: June 18, 2006 ]

Excelformeln    open in new window          
This page shows you everything, that is possible with Excel and it starts, where the online help ends. Arrays, finance mathematics, statistics and more.
[ Affiliated: February 01, 2004 ] Formel- & Makro-Datenbank    open in new window          
Almost endless samples for fomulas and macros, clearly arranged by sections.
[ Affiliated: July 02, 2006 ]

Prüfziffer für EAN-Codes    open in new window        
This User-Defined-Function calculates the check digit for EAN codes.
[ Affiliated: September 24, 2016 ]

Qwick and Dirty Task Guides    open in new window          
Qwik & Dirty Task Guides help you step through advanced tasks visually.
[ Affiliated: December 16, 2001 ]

User defined astronomical functions in Excel    open in new window          
This page provides details of a range of user functions for astronomy for Microsoft Excel version 5 or later. These functions may also be of interest to land surveyors and construction technicians, as well as teachers of astronomy and amateur astronomers.
[ Affiliated: May 13, 2006 ]

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