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A blog is a website for which an individual or a group frequently generates text, photographs, video or audio files, and/or links, typically (but not always) on a daily basis. The term is a shortened form of weblog.

Andreas Unkelbach Blog: Excel    open in new window        
Andreas Unkelbach's blog contains tips on Microsoft Excel and is meant for controller.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2013 ]

Andrew's Excel Tips    open in new window          
Beginner and Intermediate Excel Tips.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2004 ]

ASAP Excel Blog    open in new window          
The author of the free addin ASAP Utilities, Bastien Mensink, has started an Excel blog which will be used to post frequently about Excel tools, code snipplets.
[ Affiliated: May 13, 2006 ]

Automate Excel    open in new window            
Microsoft Certified Excel Expert Mark William Wielgus writes about all Excel subjects in his blog.
[ Affiliated: March 28, 2005 ]

Clevercalcul    open in new window              
The blog covers topics across Excel: tables, functions, diagrams. Regularly there are new and interesting articles .
[ Affiliated: December 17, 2015 ]

Code For Excel And Outlook Blog    open in new window          
Code For Excel And Outlook Blog is the product of NYC native Jimmy Peña. What can you expect to find there? Lots of Excel and Outlook VBA code, Excel formulas and tricks.
[ Affiliated: March 08, 2009 ]

Controlling EXCELlent    open in new window        
Blog on Excel in financial controlling. They regularly analyze unusal charts and reconstruct them in Microsoft Excel.
[ Affiliated: July 09, 2015 ]

Daily Dose of Excel    open in new window          
Daily posts of Excel tips...and other stuff.
[ Affiliated: July 25, 2004 ]

Der Tabellen-Experte    open in new window          
In his blog, self-proclaimed "Spreadsheet Expert" Martin Weiß writes about all topics related to Excel, except VBA. From old Excel-4-macro functions to new features from the preview versions, there is something for everyone.
[ Affiliated: January 05, 2020 ]

Doug Klipperts Unofficial Microsoft Office Stuff    open in new window              
Tips and links related to MS Excel in Doug Klipperts Excel blog.
[ Affiliated: July 10, 2005 ]

E90E50fx    open in new window        
This blog-site is a collection of articles about Excel. The posts are focused on formula-based solution. You can find lot of charts built with formulas.
[ Affiliated: July 04, 2014 ]

Excel Hints    open in new window            
Excel Hints provides tips, tricks, hints and help to Microsoft Excel users and updates daily.
[ Affiliated: May 20, 2007 ]

Excel is easy    open in new window        
Blog about Excel. Basics and advanced tutorial. Many step by step lessons with a lot of pictures. Blog is still developing.
[ Affiliated: September 21, 2012 ]

Excel nervt …    open in new window        
"Excel sucks... A declaration of love to MS Excel" by Rene Martin, who writes abouts issues, that Excel or its users produces.
[ Affiliated: August 17, 2015 ]

Excel Pragma    open in new window            
A home for chalouhis work on Excel and links to the www postings of other excel gurus.
[ Affiliated: July 24, 2005 ]

Excel Ticker    open in new window        
News and Tips around Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365 and many other Microsoft products.
[ Affiliated: September 21, 2012 ]

excelbibel - verblüffende Tipps und Tricks rund um Excel    open in new window        
URL: is a new blog about Excel. You will find lots of tips and tricks for your daily work with Excel. With simple step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to work with Excel as a professional. The blog is intended for beginners as well as for experienced Excel users.
[ Affiliated: January 02, 2017 ]

ExcelFrog | Clear Excel Tutorials    open in new window        
URL: is full of tutorials that are short and up-to-date. The particularity of this website is that it uses a lot of short animated gif, because it makes things easier to understand.
[ Affiliated: July 10, 2017 ]

Excel-Inside News-Ticker    open in new window          
A new German blog for Microsoft Excel powered by
[ Affiliated: July 19, 2009 ]

exceltricks    open in new window        
Blog with tips, tricks, working techniques and information about Excel.
[ Affiliated: September 25, 2020 ]

ExelNova Blog    open in new window        
The ExcelNova blog provides tips & hints on Excel reports, dashboards or modellings for marketing and finance and other Microsoft Excel topics.
[ Affiliated: February 09, 2014 ]

Hügemann Informatik - Blog    open in new window            
Hildegard Hügemann shows in her blog always great new and practical tips, mainly about Excel. Even experienced Excel users can always learn something and and get new inspiration.
[ Affiliated: March 31, 2020 ]

jan's diary    open in new window          
Jan Nordgreen's reflections of a single mind, frequently about Excel, like the blog entry linked here.
[ Affiliated: November 14, 2004 ]

MS Office Inside    open in new window        
Jean Pierre Allain blogs about Microsoft® Office, especially Access, Excel and VBA programming.
[ Affiliated: March 20, 2015 ]

My Online Training Hub Blog    open in new window        
My Online Training Hubs blog provides interessting articles on Microsoft Excel and VBA.
[ Affiliated: March 20, 2015 ]

Nate Oliver's blog    open in new window            
Nate Oliver's Excel-related musings.
[ Affiliated: July 03, 2012 ]

Newton Excel Bach, Not (just) an Excel Blog    open in new window          
Newton Excel Bach is aimed at people who work with numbers without a $ on the front. Posts will alternate between Excel and engineering/science topics, with the occasional post related to neither when I feel like it.
[ Affiliated: July 03, 2012 ]

Office Daily    open in new window          
Your daily source for tips and solutions for Office users.
[ Affiliated: October 21, 2007 ]

Office2010blog - Excel    open in new window        
The Excel section of the Office2010blog provides usefull tips especially on new functions in Microsoft Excel 2010.
[ Affiliated: January 28, 2013 ]

Pointy Haired Dilbert    open in new window            
Pointy Haired Dilbert is an award winning site about Excel Tips, Charting Tutorials & Visualization Inspiration.
[ Affiliated: April 13, 2009 ]

SolutionToGo    open in new window        
Expert knowledge by a tool developer on reporting, planning & simulation and analysis.
[ Affiliated: December 13, 2012 ]

Spreadsheeto    open in new window            
Spreadsheeto is a brand new website, dedicated to Excel. All tutorials published contain free exercise files and are very in-depth. You won't find hundreds of tutorials, but the authors make sure that those you do find, are very much worth reading.
[ Affiliated: April 21, 2016 ]

Spy Journal Excel Tips    open in new window            
Free Microsoft Excel Tips and Hints designed to increase your productivity from Jethro.
[ Affiliated: August 07, 2005 ]

Struggeling To Excel    open in new window        
Ejaz Ahmed shows in his blog "Struggeling To Excel" few, but therefore very sophisticated add-ins, UDF and VBA tips for 'popular' problems in Microsoft Excel.
[ Affiliated: March 31, 2020 ]

Tech Notes Exchange    open in new window            
Everyday we come accross some problem for which we try, research for hours and once solved, looks so easy. Sameer Lal keepa a note of it and shares it with others, so you can use them.
[ Affiliated: August 21, 2005 ]

The Planning Deskbook    open in new window            
This site is maintained as an educational reference. It is a repository for items that John Mansfield finds useful in his job as a financial analyst.
[ Affiliated: May 01, 2005 ]

TheSpreadsheetGuru    open in new window        
MVP Chris Newmans website provides a blog, tutorials and add-ins for Microsoft Excel users.
[ Affiliated: January 02, 2017 ]

VBA-Blog    open in new window            
This blog answers frequently asked questions on VBA and Excel from diverse forums, especially on numerics and optimisation.
[ Affiliated: September 07, 2008 ]

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