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Arbeitszeiterfassung    open in new window        
Time recording with Microsoft Excel for firms and organisations.
[ Affiliated: February 01, 2015  |  Feedback for this link ]

Astroexcel    open in new window            Freeware
Astroexcel is a collection of Excel files for astronomy with real time simulation, partly in 3D. Astroexcel is freeware and intended for private use.
[ Affiliated: April 23, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

Dateiscanner18    open in new window          free
The tool "FileScanner18" is a new version of the tool "Directory and file scanner V5" from the Excelhilfev5 collection and is now also available for newer Excel versions. The tool runs on a 64-bit Excel version and can now evaluate considerably more data. What can the tool do? It reads all files with path specification and storage space (either byte, KByte, MByte or GByte) from a hard disk or a server and enters the data in a results workbook. Depending on the scan mode (there are three scan modes available) the table is more or less extensive.
[ Affiliated: July 03, 2018  |  Feedback for this link ]

EDIK-Adressverwaltung    open in new window          
Adress management for Microsoft Excel 2000.
[ Affiliated: October 23, 2005  |  Feedback for this link ]

Excel für Chemiker und Lehrer    open in new window          
Chemical calculating and solutions for teacher.
[ Affiliated: December 26, 2005  |  Feedback for this link ]

Finanzplan    open in new window            Shareware
A simple finance plan for private individuals or self-employed. Also useful as book of household accounts.
[ Affiliated: February 12, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

Geburtstagsliste    open in new window          
Name or member list with birthdays.
[ Affiliated: July 02, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

Mietnebenkosten    open in new window          
Mietnebenkosten entwickeln sich immer mehr zu einer zweiten Miete, die Berechnung dieser Nebenkosten ist so komplex, dass die meisten Verbraucher die Kontrolle dieser Rechnung aufgegeben haben. Mit dem Programm Mietnebenkosten werden sie jetzt in die Lage versetzt, ihre Abrechnung selbst zu erstellen.
[ Affiliated: December 19, 2008  |  Feedback for this link ]

MP3-Man    open in new window          
MP3-Man is a handy tool to manage mp3 files with Microsoft Excel.
[ Affiliated: November 12, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

NOTEN BERECHNEN    open in new window          free
Application to calculate school grades.
[ Affiliated: October 09, 2005  |  Feedback for this link ]

Projekt-Management-Tool für Excel (ohne Makro)    open in new window          commercial
Project management tool in Microsoft Excel - without installation or macros.
[ Affiliated: July 09, 2015  |  Feedback for this link ]

Rechnungen schreiben mit Excel    open in new window            commercial (demo available)
Simple invoice application for small firms and freelancer.
[ Affiliated: November 26, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]    open in new window          
Shareware and Freeware Programs for Microsoft Excel.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

Urlaubsplaner    open in new window          
Extensive spare time and holiday/vacation planner without macros.
[ Affiliated: April 23, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

VereinsMayer    open in new window          
Complete application for a association or club treasurer.
[ Affiliated: October 22, 2006  |  Feedback for this link ]

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